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Vela Shape III

The Vela Shape III is a therapeutic body contouring procedure that uses a combination of energies — vacuum, infrared light and bi-polar radio frequency — to deep heat and shrink fat cells and the surrounding tissue. Vela Shape III is fast and effective with NO downtime! Treatments with the Vela Shape III are sold in packages to get the best results possible. Packages range anywhere from 3-6 treatments, each session is two weeks apart. Each zone is targeted and treated in 15 minutes per session! 

Please see results below of an actual Ariya Aesthetics client. These are results targeting unwanted cellulite! Not only did this client see results with cellulite reduction, but circumference reduction as well. Here's what this client had to say about her results so far, "So basically after years of going to the gym and working out like crazy my cellulite never seemed to get any better until the vela now my legs look slimmer and toned, my cellulite has improved so much. I am happy with the results and the women who work there are truly amazing very good at their jobs!!! They are warm and friendly, very welcoming with a comfortable environment!"  Call today to see what we can do to help you-637-1857.