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Skin Care Journey

Im hoping going out of my comfort zone, and posting my skin will show others results can happen, results ARE achievable.

I got into Aesthetics 4.5 years ago because I wanted to make a difference with my clients skin. I no longer wanted to camouflage and conceal my clients skin to hide imperfections, I wanted to help resolve them. 
I struggled with acne my entire adolescent years and had tried everything to fix it. Numerous dermatologist visits, changes in medication, diet,  and skin care products.. I felt like I was just throwing my money down the drain.
That's when I attended school to learn how the skin works, why it reacts the way it does, and how I can help fix it. 

There is no magic wand when it comes to skin, I have lots of clients, friends and family, myself included wishing with all the new technology today that we could just wave a wand over our bad skincare mistakes. Whether it be excessive sunbathing, picking, fine lines and wrinkles- there is always something new coming out to the skin care industry that makes us feel like this will be the big fix and we can just magically make every imperfection we worry about disappear. We are our own worst critics, I stress this to my clients all the time. We stare at ourselves in the mirror almost every day and we beat ourselves up over all of the negative we see that we don't embrace the positive!

I feel like now a days there are so many trends, fads, and multi marketing brands going around to try to tell you they have the "next best thing" and somehow someway  you can make money doing it so you can achieve your goals and run a business at the same time. I like to express my concern with products such as these because they follow the new trends with social media taking such a higher place in our lives that we push to exceed our vanity expectations even more. 

Pyramid schemes will push the boundaries, and people without esthetic degrees will try to tell you to try things from beauty counters and department stores, and online are the way to go with the new day and age instead of seeing a professional.. but let me tell YOU that with hard work, and taking the time to treat your skin well from the inside out with medical grade skincare, watching what you eat and the help of a great aesthetic team YOU can see a difference in your skin.

I've been using a regimen of these products for over 6 months now. 

SkinCeuticals LHA Cleansing and A.G.E Eye Complex AM and PM
    I use this cleanser because I have problematic skin. My skin clogs easily and is a combination type. I'm oily through the T-Zone and Dry through the corners of my face. This is a Glycolic and Salyiclic Skin Wash that I use morning and night. It is gentle but powerful as it leaves my skin clean and free of makeup without stripping my skin of it's natural oil lipid barrier. 

  I've been using the A.G.E Eye Complex morning and night as well to help with my dark circles, and puffy appearance. I'm not a good sleeper, or I usually sleep too much there's no in between. This product helped bring back life to my under eyes and makes my makeup sit well throughout the day. 

ZoSkinHealth InvisaPeel  and Exfoliating Polish 1x a week

   ZO Skin Health is a Retinol based product line, I enjoy their line a lot and was using a kit from them but these products became my hero products and took a firm hold in my routine. 
First up is the Exfoliating Polish which is like a receiving a Microdermabrasion at home treatment for my skin. This warming scrub helps remove the flakiness of dead skin cell build up but also brightens my pigmentation areas while leaving my skin soft and healthy! I only use this product 1x a week but it can be used up to two times a week to almost every day use. For my skin- I'm using multiple treatment products and my face wash is exfoliating so I don't want to over exfoliate my skin because it will start to overproduce oils which will lead to breakouts. 

The InvisaPeel is a team favorite. We call this the Sisterhood Peel of traveling Pants. It's great for any skin type as it is a gentle Glycolic Peel for at home use. This peel can be used 2-3x a week for a minimum of one hour but a maximum length time of overnight. I use it 1x a week for overnight use and wake up with glowing skin. It is ideal for anyone dealing with Post Inflammatory Acne Pigmentation, (The red staining that is left behind from a pesky breakout) 

Alastin Skin Care Retinol 0.25, Ultra Nourishing Moisturizer and  Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 30+ 
  Last but not least, I finish my skincare regimen with treatment, moisturizer and SPF. 
  I recently this past month started using Alastin Skincare. It is Paraben, Cruelty, and Gluten free!

The Renewal Retinol .25 has become one of my favorite products. I've tried Retinol in the past to help accelerate cell turnover and lighten my pigmentation and they were too aggressive for my skin type. This Retinol however is still very moisturizing as it is micro-encapsulated to achieve perfect release to the skin cells. I've been using this treatment 3x a night and moisturizing with their Ultra Nourishing Moisturizer in the morning and on opposite nights of treatments. It has helped even my skin tone, brighten and smooth the texture, as well as calm my skin with antioxidants. 


Even as a professional I've been trying to find what my skin will tolerate, and fix my skin, skin care isn't a magical fix- and many are embarassed to come in and seek treatment. I'm hoping my posts through time will help you feel more confident within your skin, and seek professional treatments to achieve the skin you desire. 

 I've finally found out what works best for my skin. 
Just letting you all know I'm here to help, been through it myself, and it does gets better!

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